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We decided to collect together into one page all the different references we had used all over the website, in case anyone needed them.
This is just some of the material we used to get knowledgeable about vaginismus and to write the academic papers you can find in the website and to prepare much of the material for the website. A lot of material also comes from having shared experience with hundreds of other girls going through vaginismus and our own personal experience of it too, with doctors, partners etc.
You can find some of these scientific artiles on-line. Some of the books can be found in your library or at Amazon.com. Journal articles may be harder to retreive because you may need access to a University database but many of those that were used here were summed up.

References on Vaginismus
and Related Topics

Recent Additions:
* Angus JM. Thomson, Sherin K. Jarvis, Meegan Lenart, Jason A. Abbott, Thierry G. Vancaillie (2005)
The use of botulinum toxin type A (BOTOX®) as treatment for intractable chronic pelvic pain associated with spasm of the levator ani muscles BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 112 (2), 247249.
Retreived from: http://www.greenjournal.org/cgi/reprint/108/4/915

* W Badran1, N Moamen1, I Fahmy1, A El-Karaksy1, T M Abdel-Nasser1 and H Ghanem
(2006) Etiological factors of unconsummated marriage
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
International Journal of Impotence Research (2006) 18, 458463
("Psychogenic factors were the cause in 74.4% of the investigated patients. Performance anxiety was the cause in 52.9%, and in 21.5% other psychological distresses were responsible. Organic causes represent 7.3%, vaginismus 8.4%, premature ejaculation 3.1% and cases with undetermined etiology were 6.8%. In conclusion, performance anxiety was revealed to be the main contributor. However, other psychogenic, organic and social factors represent sizable etiological factors") Retreived from: http://www.nature.com/ijir/journal/v18/n5/abs/3901452a.html

* 2007 Engman Maria
Partial vaginismus - definition, symptoms and treatment
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Faculty of Health Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden
You can read it in PDF version here: http://www.ep.liu.se/abstract.xsql?dbid=10036

* The Merck Manuals - Online medical library -
Sexual Dysfunctions in Women

Journal Articles on Vaginismus and related medical topics

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The whole study can be found on the CASA website at Casa House project on Pap Test Retraumatization
Key Centre for Women's Health in Society, University of Melbourne Australia

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For the whole text, please go HERE

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ON the medicalization of female sexual dysfunctions, the real role of androgens, pharmaceutical companies etc.

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Books on Vaginismus, sexual healing and various topics

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DISCLAIMER: This site is not designed to provide medical advice. All material is gathered from the experience of hundreds of women who experienced vaginismus but it is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Please review the information contained on vaginismus-awareness-network.org carefully and confer with a health care professional specialized in vaginismus, as needed.