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For those of you using ‘natural’ kinds of dilators, such as fingers, vegetables etc, then privacy is usually not a big issue as you can handle those dilators in your own sweet time and nobody will ever wonder what they’ll be used for in the house.
Once vegetables are used, you can easily dispose of them in the trash or cut them up so they no longer look like funny penis-sized things.

One problem could arise if you share your bedroom or bathroom. Hopefully you can find times when others won’t be around so you can lock the door and have privacy and time, but that could mean that you may have to impose dilating sessions on your vagina on days when you may not feel like it. See how that works, just remember to please not feel too disappointed if you should see that your vagina doesn’t respond well to being told when to open. It would be understandable. You may consider putting off your dilating sessions until week/s when you are back home or the roommate’s gone for a long time.

Or you may have to disguise the set of dilators, hide them under your clothes, put them in a bin for toys, get creative! We know you'll think of something cool! Then share the advice with us!

As for receiving the package at home, before ordering it we suggest you to find out from the seller by email or phone call whether the content of the package will be shown on a label on the package. They are often very discreet, however, you may want to check. Alternatively, you can have a friend (or doctor) whose address you could use instead of yours and you may prefer having the package sent there.

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