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The very first times youíll insert something small (a q-tip, the tiniest of your finger, the smallest dilator etc.) it is quite normal for the skin in that area to burn a little bit or feel a little sore during the insertion, while pulling things out or for a while afterwards.

A lot of women talk about this so it seems to be a VERy common reaction and a very understandable one, because of the muscles being stretched.

It seems to be part of the process for most women and since itís not actually painful, itís the only kind of discomfort that you would have to put up with. It shouldnít be excessive however and it seems to gradually become less intense and gradually disappear the longer you dilate and especially once youíre past the first 4 or 5 sessions. If it should persist for longer than that, you may want to see a doctor, but in general, it seems a very common problem that goes away with practice so try not to worry too much and be gentle.

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